Benz Micro cartridges receive Editors’ Choice Awards from The Absolute Sound

US-based audiophile publication, The Absolute Sound has featured their annual Editors’ Choice Awards in the March 2017 issue of the magazine. This year, three Benz-Micro cartridges were honored with the awards: the Gullwing SLR, LP-S, ACE, and Glider cartridges.

On the Gullwing SLR:

“Very quiet and transparent to sources, the Gullwing SLR is a stunning-sounding moving coil cartridge…” “The overall result is music that sounds more produced, than reproduced.” -Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound

On the LP-S:

“This is a very high-resolution, very low-noise MC with a remarkable sweet and lifelike treble. In the right ‘arm, it can consistently reveal details you’ve never heard before without ever sound over analytical. One of [my] favorite MC references.” -Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

On the ACE:

“With the right phono stage, it can do a great job of walking that fine line between resolution and smoothness.” -Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

On the Glider:

“There’s a reassuring dash of warmth in the lower mids and bass, a lush midrange, an a presence range and treble have air and delicacy but no etch or dryness.” -Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound